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BnT :: Nakazawa Keiichi by Oseike BnT :: Nakazawa Keiichi by Oseike
/)u(\ I got sucked in by the yam :iconbudou-no-toshi:

Name: Nakazawa, Keiichi (中沢 恵一)
Nickname: Keiichi (呼び捨て), Kei, Kei-chan (he wishes only close friends/family would use this, but not like he would protest....)
Gender: Male
Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs
Birthday: February 28th
Blood Type: B
Height: 175 cm / 5'9"
Age: 17
Grade: III
Club: Archery, Gardening

Personality: Quiet, passive.  Slow thinker, and has a hard time putting his thoughts into words, so he prefers to stay silent and just listen.  Doesn't like being the center of attention, so hides behind louder, more outgoing people.  Follower type, and will go along with the crowd's decisions.  Since he often doesn't have an opinion formed this is useful for him, though the rare times he does have a preference, he will usually do that without saying anything to anyone, splitting from the group to go solo.  If someone protests, however, he can easily be dragged along with everyone else's plan, as he finds it very hard to say "no".

Likes: Knowing he did something well, A clean and orderly space, Hanging out with his little brother, Poetry, Literature, History, Being depended on
Dislikes: Being called on to read in class, Science, Singing

History: The first child of the Nakazawa family, he also has a brother five years younger than him (Nakazawa Keita/中沢 慶太).  His father is a worker in the city office, his mother part-times at a grocery store in town.  His father's family - his uncles, mainly, though one aunt as well - are archers at home, and they all joint own a small shooting range outside the city limits of a town a little ways away.  Keiichi didn't get into archery himself until he was in middle school, but he finds the focus and silence it comes with appealing, and the feeling of doing it well satisfactory.  When he practices with his family, he also does Zen meditation.

He's childhood friends with a couple neighborhood kids (Souma and Ryota), both of whom are much more active and loud than he was, and since they always took the lead he comfortably fell into the habit of following them, getting in trouble alongside them since he never said "no" to any of their plans.  He harbored a crush on Ryota's older sister (Kotone) starting around late elementary school, but he's too chicken to ever act on it, and she moved to Tokyo for school.  He might still hold a torch for her.

He plans on going to university in Tokyo, in part because he would be relatively near home and in part because the best universities are there.  He himself isn't sure if the fact that Kotone lives there affects this decision or not.  That said, he's fairly certain Tokyo U is out of his league, but he'll try anyway.  As the type of person he is, he worries about his future a lot.  He isn't 100% certain on what he wants to do as a career, which stresses him out.

He's a little lonely right now, as his former neighbor and best friend Ryota moved to Tokyo with his parents for business opportunities.

He joined archery club on his own, then gardening later on because his friends dragged him into it.  Without Ryota there though, he might not stay long...

Family: Mother (Suzu; 寿々), Father (Shin'ichi, 真一), Younger Brother (Keita, 慶太)
Friends: Hashimoto Ryota, Mori Souma <-two best friendssss

Other Information:
Even though he likes poetry, he doesn't write his own; he gets too embarrassed and thinks his attempts aren't any good.
His calligraphy, on the other hand, is quite nice and precise.
He used to always walk home with his little brother, but lately his little brother's been going home with his own friends.  Big bro is a little sad... 8'>
He practices Ogasawara-ryuu archery with his family. The Nakazawa family has very obscure ties to the Minamoto clan, explaining the ties to kyudo.
Voice Sample

Character © Oseike. Not for tracing, promoting, or using for any other purpose. All rights reserved.  Template by remonru.
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He's so perfect i cant
Oseike Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
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