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BoD - Nim La, Nearby Beach by Oseike BoD - Nim La, Nearby Beach by Oseike

Nim La, the capitol of It Imlour. Situated on the south side of the peninsula, this is the major trading town between the country of the Dyndwe and the rest of the world. Build on a rare high point of the country, the port is one of the few deep portions of the surrounding ocean and is surrounded by famously beautiful beaches of white sand. Coral reefs dot the nearby ocean, making navigation into the port dangerous unless the captain is aware of the warning buoys and doesn't stray outside their bounds.

The city itself is surrounded by a high wall made of limestones, gathered from the shores rather than cut, and held together with strong mortar of dried cement-like mud. Inside, houses are built of mainly stucco and dried clay, and many water-filled streams empty out from several springs and exit out the continent side of the city, joining other rivers that then bring the water eventually off the cliff on the eastern edge of the city. There are many stone bridges to go over these streams, high enough over the water for gondolas (or giant swimming turtles, another popular mode of transport) to pass under.

At the center is the Palace, which houses two springs all on its own, and is the only house to be formed with carved pillars: marble, a gift from the Heuma. The other walls are covered in inlaid murals, and is built from sandstone and limestone (and over the years have been covered with many silk tapestries).

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